The Sountrack to My Life

Whilst casually perusing the Radio 1 website I came across a feature called Music Phases. It invites Radio 1 listeners to share-or confess, depending on the potential embarrassment levels of the music! -the different styles of music that they have been into over the years.

Inspired, it got me thinking about what styles of music, bands, singers and groups I have followed at various times in my life.

My first memory of music is courtesy of my mum. She was a big fan of Bonnie Tyler, consequently I have a really vivid memory of me at four years old sat in our kitchen, in a plastic storage box, (don’t ask, I have no idea why) singing along to such classics as ‘Holding out for a Hero’ and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and wearing a pair of sparkly red deely-boppers-classy!

Fast forward two years to my first record buying experience, it was a 7” of The Time Warp by Damian; it was released in 1989, when I was only six years old. To this day I recall going into Woolworths with my pound, and tentatively approaching the music counter to pay for it. Clutching the single in my hand I remember how proud I felt having entered the world of ‘grown-up’ music.

Looking back I find it hard to believe that I was allowed to buy it at the tender age of six. Having quickly googled “Damian Time Warp” I was a little bit disturbed to be reminded of how, er, ‘alternative’ looking he was. Oh alright, he was just plain scary! And the song? Well, the less said about it, the better.

Luckily, my love of Damian was short and sweet. I then moved onto the far more palatable likes of Bros and Tiffany. Yes, I was a true 80s child at heart.

After that, there is a great void; from 1989 to 1995 I seem to have had a total, inexplicable lack of music in my life.

This music drought lasted until August 1995. I was twelve when, for some unknown reason, I decided to watch MTV. It was whilst watching Hitlist UK that I had what I describe, my musical epiphany.

Suddenly I was back into music in a big way; I could even name the entire top twenty of that Hitlist UK chart- sad, but true! I liked everything from Michael Jackson to Oasis, from the Spice Girls to Simply Red.

Another year that proved to be musically pivotal for me was 1997, that was the year I discovered two of my biggest musical passions: Savage Garden and musical theatre.

I remember buying a cassette single of ‘Truly Madly Deeply’, and being utterly hooked on them-still am actually. In July I went to visit my dad in London and saw Starlight Express and Les Miserables for the first time. This sparked off a four-year obsession with musicals; I shunned mainstream pop music, to the extent that I actually felt guilty if I listened to anything but musical soundtracks!!

This lasted until around May 2001 when I suddenly rediscovered chart music; this funnily enough coincided with when I started going clubbing. Now instead of Rent, Chicago, and Miss Saigon I loved Destiny’s Child, Kylie, and the Sugababaes.

My next big music phase came in August 2001 when my boyfriend introduced me to Embrace. I’d heard ‘Wonder’ on MTV in the May and thought how great it was, but it wasn’t until later in the summer that, on his recommendation, I went and bought all of Embrace’s albums. I now count Embrace as my favourite band, that’s how much of an impact they made on me.

It was also in summer 2001 that I became a huge fan of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, although still a loyal supporter, I’m not as ‘devoted’ as I was once.

In the intervening four years I have been into all sorts, and my once paltry CD collection now totals around 120 albums. My love of Embrace and Savage Garden (and in the last two years Darren Hayes’ solo work) hasn’t waned, but nowadays I’m just as likely to listen to Gwen Stefani, The Killers and the Scissor Sisters.

Music is a huge part of my life and it definitely seems as if I’ve gone through a fair few stages in my time! At the moment I’m entering a definite Green Day and Kaiser Chiefs phase, and I’m sure I’ve got many more phases to go through. I can’t wait.


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