Hey Kid


‘Hey Kid’ is the second single from ex Busted boy (sorry, man, he is 22 after all) Matt Willis- and what do you know, it ain’t half bad! Willis is often tipped by pundits to be the most likely contender to the crown of Robbie Williams and for once the pundits might be onto something. Willis’ vocals have all the swagger and self assuredness of Mr Williams’, a remarkable feat when your voice sounds as if it hasn’t quite broken. ‘Hey Kid’ is a mêlée of soft and loud. It opens with loud, insistent guitars, and even more loud and insistent drums, then effortlessly segues into a softer, gentler sound. It swiftly reverts back to form for the chorus, with Willis practically screeching out the words above the racket of instruments all vying for the listener’s attention.

‘Hey Kid’ is featured in the teen summer blockbuster movie ‘Stormbreaker’, and kudos to Willis’ marketing crew, they sure do know his target demographic. It’s a shouty, raucous, romp of a song. Teen punk wannabes will, like totally love it.

Written for Entertainment Wise 


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