Dry Your Tears (a poem)

For the purpose of diversity I wanted to include some of my non prose writing on this site too.Here is an example of my poetry.I have others which I will get around to putting up here in due course.

Dry Your Tears

Light and darkness, shades of gray,

Watch your misery slip away,

Cast off your hate, your hurt, your tears.

Soothe the pain and numb your fears

Hear her words, her voice, her song,

Snapshots of happiness, still so strong.

As time withers and will surely fade,

Recall the memories you both once made.

Don’t shut out life, it must still go on,

Don’t forget to live just because she has gone.

Dry your eyes and let your weeping cease,

Know that she is she is safe, she’s found her peace.

Copywrite Jenna Churchley-Burton August 2006


One response to “Dry Your Tears (a poem)

  1. That’s lovely.I can relate to a loss like that.

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