Jamelia-‘Something About You’



After a two year hiatus from the music ‘biz’ to bring up her second child, Jamelia returns with her latest single ‘Something About You’, taken from new album ‘Walk With Me’.

You would think, after such a protracted absence, that she’d make more of an effort. Where’s the raw emotion of ‘See It in a Boy’s Eyes’, the verve and upbeat optimism of ‘Superstar’? ‘Something About You’ is instantly forgettable, sure, it’s pretty enough but in a strictly nondescript, back ground music kinda way.

Once again it’s gentle rock tinged soul, not a great departure musically but at least her previous singles had character to them, a bit of ‘life’. ‘Something About You’ sees Jamelia singing with as much emotion as a football commentator reading out the Saturday pools. You get the distinct impression that she’s going through the motions with this one and is purely singing for her supper.

It’s a curious and unsettling thing: listening to what is, essentially, soul-less soul. If ‘Something About You’ is representative of the rest of the album, then things do not bode well indeed.


Written for Entertainment Wise


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