Maria Lawson-‘Maria Lawson’


Maria Lawson, the X-Factor “reject” who lost out to The Conway Sisters, is set to make a second bid for fame. Like a phoenix from the flames, she’s risen from the ashes of her untimely X-Factor exit, and is releasing her debut album-titled, originally enough: Maria Lawson-at the end of the month.

Maria Lawson is a bit of a rarity in today’s pop charts. She’s a beauty with brains. She has a degree in social ethics and performing arts, no less. This isn’t the first time Maria has flirted with the opportunity of success, in fact it was during her degree that she was offered her first deal. But, clever girl that she is, she turned it down, preferring to concentrate on her studies. She was well aware that she was the first person in her family to go to university, and, wisely, thought it best not to throw it all away for the sake of a shot at one of the most fickle and precarious industries going.

She completed her studies, spent her twenties variously being a backing singer for Gabrielle, and fronting her own rock/soul band, ‘Skye’. So, you see, she’s no stranger to the business. She’s paid her dues and is now ready to take that shot.

Whether it will be enough to set the charts alight is another matter altogether. Her current single (and the first track on the album) ‘Sleepwalking’ is at number 20 in the charts, but whether the album will emulate this success remains to be seen. Aside from Sleepwalking-which is a lush, sugary piece of perfect pop fused R’n’B- the album has little going for it. Nice voice? Check. Solid production? Check. Originality? Erm, pass? And therein lies the problem. There is absolutely nothing on this album that hasn’t been done before. It’s as if her voice is too nice, too syrupy, too bland, there is no edge to it whatsoever. The tracks seem to blend in to each other, so that it is very difficult to distinguish one song from the next. You’ll find yourself having to check the back of the sleeve, trying to work out just which song is playing, as it sounds just like the song before, and the song before that, and the song before that. Well, you get the picture.

Ok, so, it’s perfectly listenable, sure, there’s nothing actually wrong with it. But, to be perfectly frank, not having anything wrong with it does not a successful album make.


Written for Entertainment Wise 


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