Nelly Furtado-‘Promiscuous’ (Featuring Timbaland)


Well well well. Who’d have thought that Nelly “I’m like a Bird” Furtado would turn out to be the all reigning Queen of Hip Hop? Wonders never cease.

Her latest single ‘Promiscuous’ sees her dueting with R’n’B mogul and producer Timbaland. ‘Promiscuous’ is the continuation of a theme that was started by dazzlingly successful first single ‘Maneater’: that being the total departure from Ms Furtado’s earlier work. Long gone are the airy, indie, and let’s be honest, odd, tunes of previous. In their place are tribal drums, funky beats, and sexy, rasping vocals. Nelly’s done gone street on us. ‘Promiscuous’ is a delicious and earthy track: thumping bass and seductive, hypnotic drumming are decadently juxtaposed with Furtado’s lilting soprano vocals. The effect is über stylish, and achingly cool. Of course, having one of the world’s greatest hip hop supremos duet with you may have helped somewhat, but, ultimately, Nelly Furtado is the hero of the piece here. And quite rightly so.


Written for Entertainment Wise


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