Robbie Williams-‘Rudebox’


Robbie “I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams” Williams is back. Again. His latest offering is the bizarrely named ‘Rudebox’, the first single to be lifted from his forthcoming, as yet untitled, new album (his ninth as a solo star). He should have just stayed away. It would have spared us all the pain of having to listen to this, this garbage. Robbie-what were you thinking? Who, in their “infinite wisdom” told you that this was a cracking choice for first single? Actually, scrap that, who told you this was a good choice of single, full stop?

Because, quite frankly, it’s not, it’s really really not. In fact it’s utterly abysmal. ‘Rudebox’ sounds like Mike skinner crossed between Ant and Dec (circa their ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’ days), crossed between the Pet Shop Boys’ entire back catalogue of synthesized electronica. The result is deeply disturbing; embarrassing, even. The lyrics are ridiculously inane, and as for the ‘music’, well, let’s just say PJ and Duncan’s efforts stand more chance of one day being hailed equal to the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s, than ‘Rudebox’ does of conceivably being described as ‘good’.


Written for Entertainment Wise 


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