Tamsin Archer-‘Everytime I Want It (Effect is Monotony)’


Tamsin Archer, she of the phenomenally successful ‘Sleeping Satellites’ is back. After ten years no, less. Yes, it’s been a full decade since Ms Archer last released a record (‘Bloom’), but the release of new single ‘Every Time I Want It (Effect is Monotony)’ marks her welcome return. ‘Every Time I Want It’ is taken from forthcoming new album ‘On’, which is released in mid September.

‘Every Time I Want It’ is chirpy little indie number; Archer’s ethereal vocals blend with sultry guitars and twinkling piano to create a beautiful and quirky piece that is reminiscent of Dido. If she was any good, that is. Tamsin Archer is undeniably about a million times better than the erstwhile queen of laid back, alternative music, but their ability to be light and airy one minute, and raspy and alto the next, is uncanny. However, this is where the similarities end, for, unlike Dido, Archer doesn’t have a tendency to sound syrupy or simpering. ‘Every Time I Want It’ is the perfect antidote to the insincere, and identikit ‘songs’ that clog up today’s music scene. A breath of fresh air.


Written for Entertainment Wise 


3 responses to “Tamsin Archer-‘Everytime I Want It (Effect is Monotony)’

  1. Good to see her back. She really is way too talented to have vanished into obscurity while talentless TV show winners sell so many records.
    I despair of the musical taste of the masses.

  2. Hi Ms Archer,
    I am glad to hear that you are making a come back.
    I have often wondered what has happen to you. I bought your first album Great Expectations back in 1992. That album was wicked. I am surprised you are not on My space.

    I tried to find you on My space, in the end i found you on Google.
    I am looking forward to hearing your new stuff.
    Take care and best wishes for 2008
    Bernadette (aka Beau)

  3. Fantastic news!
    I never forgot Sleeping Satellite.

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