Fergie-‘London Bridge’ (Polydor)



OK, so she may be more chavtastic than a barrel of Burberry baseball caps, but there’s no denying the girl has talent.

Yes, Fergie, the curiously cosmetically enhanced (Bride of Wildenstein Mark II, anyone?) lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas, has struck out on her own. It had to happen sometime.

Debut solo single ‘London Bridge’ is Fergie at her best: saucy, sassy, and slick. It’s a stomping, romping bunch of beats, with more than a not so subtle nod to Gwen Stefani’s equally raucous ‘Hollaback Girl’. In fact, the similarity in places is uncanny, but that is definitely no bad thing. The chorus is so contagious it should come with a public health warning. Seriously.

‘London Bridge’ is damn near the finest song to immortalise the words ‘London’ and ‘Bridge’ in the same sentence, since, er, that old classic ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. But Fergie’s ‘London Bridge’ ain’t falling down anywhere, least of all in the charts-it’s currently riding high at number three. So-love it or hate it; seems like Fergie and her humps are here to stay.

Written for Entertainment Wise


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