Mr Scruff’s ‘Big Chill Classics’ (Big Chill)




Question: What’s more chilled than a chilli in a chiller cabinet in Chile?

Answer: ‘Mr Scruff’s Big Chill Classics….big up your tent!’ that’s what.


This stupendous double album-released earlier this month- consists of twenty four (count ‘em) tracks on two CDs. That’s a whole lotta chill.


Firstly, a history lesson: Big Chill started life way back in the mists of time, actually, it was in 1994, but who’s counting. But mists of time sounded much more mysterious. Founded by Pete Lawrence and Katrina Larkin, Big Chill is a huge –positively gargantuan- festival of dance, indie, ambient, chillout, world, reggae and folk music that takes place every summer. In Herefordshire. Of all places.


Cult Stockport born DJ and artist Mr Scruff-or, Andy Carthy, as he’s known to his mother-has been a stalwart of The Big Chill festival for the past ten years, so it comes as no surprise, that he was artist chosen to select this year’s cream of the Big Chill crop for the latest in the Big Chill Classics compilation series.


Mr Scruff obviously knows his stuff. And has damn fine taste in music to boot: each track on the compilation is a mouth watering musical masterpiece; bluesy vibes, earthy folk, seductive guitar riffs, sumptuous Jazz, and hazy, lazy indie. To describe it as eclectic would be to utter the understatement of several millennia. There is, without a doubt, something for every possible taste, mood and persuasion on this gloriously rich offering. ‘Mr Scruff’s  Big Chill Classics’ is a sublime, decadent, melting tapestry of sweet soulful sounds that instantly lulls the listener into a state of languid bliss.


This is album is so laid back it’s practically horizontal. Had a hard day at the office (what’s new-eh?)? Car failed its MOT (again)? Forgotten to send in your Tax return on time (naughty, naughty)? Never fear ‘Mr Scruff’s Big Chill Classics ‘is here. Once you stick this on your stereo you’ll forget what it was that was ever troubling you. Hell, you’ll probably even forget your own name. If Sunday mornings were to be recorded onto a nice shiny, spangly CD, they would sound like this. Fact. ‘Mr Scruff’s Big Chill Classics’ is the perfect slice of chillout perfection. With the affable Mr Scruff at the helm, and the pedigree of the Big Chill festival behind it, this compilation is destined for big things. Just you wait and see.

Written for Entertainment Wise


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