Harold Heath-‘Hole Funk’




Harold Heath might not be a name you instantly recognise, not outside of the world of tech house production at least, but the release of his debut album ‘Hole Funk’ on the sixth of November will surely change all that.


Harold Heath started out as DJ of the rare groove variety then in 2001 he decided to make the switch to production. This leap of faith paid off; he’s released an endless succession of hit productions for numerous top class labels.


‘Hole Funk’ sees him branching out further. It’s Heath’s first attempt at album production, but straight from the outset it’s clear it certainly won’t be his last.

‘Hole Funk’ is a sublime collection of tracks that showcase a diverse variety of musical influences: ambience, electronica, house and, funk to name but a few. It’s Mr Scruff meets MC Romeo meets Barry White: it’s wonderfully and impressively eclectic.


‘Hole Funk’ is a rich tapestry of rhymes and rhythms; funk filled grooves and ambient beats jostle for space on this gem of an album.


Harold Heath’s previous form as a DJ has stood him in good stead, he obviously knows a blinding tune when he hears one, and he’s been sure to pack ‘Hole Funk’ full to the brim with them. The mélange of styles and sounds builds a tangible atmosphere that pervades and embodies the entire album. Heath, in his musical mastery, has crafted a work that oozes genius. ‘Hole Funk’ blends and bends, it fuses textures and tempos to astonishing effect. There’s a very real sense of depth, of light and dark, colour and shade that permeates every single track.  Title track (the opener to the set) ‘Hole Funk’ is all about getting your groove on old skool style, a delicious slice of decadent mellow funk.  ‘Feel the Love’ is a beat laden trip melded with the breathy ephemeral and Bjork-esque vocals of Katie Mummery. The fantastically titled ‘Food for a Fat Pig’ is positively dripping with funk; it’s a pulsating juggernaut of a track that demands your attention.  ‘Message from the Future’ is very much on a MC tip, rapping and break beats rule supreme. Although each individual track is a piece of perfection in its own right, it’s as a collection that they really shine and come into their own. ‘Hole Funk’ is an essential funk album that needs to be heard to be believed. A self assured, competent and thrilling album from a producer that’s at the top of his game.

Written for: Entertainment Wise


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