LeAnn Rimes-‘The LeAnn Rimes DVD Collection’

‘The Complete LeAnn Rimes DVD Collection’, released on the second of October, does what it says on the tin, or the DVD case to be exact.

It’s a collection of LeAnn Rimes’ music videos to date, in handy chronological order, just in case you, you know, weren’t up on Ms Rimes’ career progression.

Of course we all know the song that started it all off for her over here. She was already a firmly established star in her native US of A, having released her first album in 1994 at the ridiculously young age of twelve years old. But it was 1997’s ‘How Do I Live’ that brought her to the attention of the rest of the world. Unless you happened to be living in a particularly remote non radio equipped cave that year, its phenomenal sixty nine week assault on the charts was pretty damn inescapable.

‘The Complete LeAnne Rimes DVD Collection’ includes her two biggest UK hits: ‘How Do I Live’ and 2000’s Can’t Fight the Moonlight’, the sassy and impossibly perky girl powered theme to chick flick ‘Coyote Ugly’.

Her earlier-and less recognisable, over here, at least-releases are on there too. The songs are saccharine and middle of the road, typical candy-floss country, but despite the schmaltszy, overly twee lyrics, and mediocre melodies, it’s evident that Rimes possesses a voice that blows most other young artists out of the water. Ok, so she’s strictly of country stock, but, as ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’ proved, she can do funky, sexy pop just as well, if not better, as that other Southern sweetie, Britney Spears. And that’s not all! She can duet too. Seemingly only with British ex-boyband members (Ronan Keating and Bryan McFadden respectively), but they’re duets nevertheless. And surprisingly pleasing ones at that.

It’s certainly interesting to witness how LeAnn Rimes’ voice and style has evolved over the decade that this collection spans. First track ‘Blue’ (released in 1996) now seems very dated; a syrupy faux-blues tale of unrequited love. And the clothes! Shocking! Actually, the true entertainment value of ‘The Complete LeAnn Rimes DVD Collection’ doesn’t lie in the music as at all. No, it comes from seeing all the hideously outfits that Ms Rime’s was forced to wear in her earlier videos. PVC trousers anyone? And that’s just for starters. But back to the music: ‘The Complete LeAnn Rimes DVD Collection’ is sure to be a treat for ardent fans of LeAnn, but aside from that, there’s not really a lot of scope to it. Aside from providing a good chuckle for all the wrong reasons, of course. If you are indeed already a fan, you’ll no doubt have her entire back catalogue, so the DVD, which is basically a cut and paste video montage, is pretty redundant. And if you’re not already a fan, then this middle of the road production is certainly not going to convert you.

Written for: Entertainment Wise


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