The Magic Numbers-‘Take A Chance’

Those perky purveyors of breezy poppy sun drenched melodies The Magic Numbers return with their new single ‘Take a Chance’. Taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Those the Brokes’, ‘Take a Chance’ is not so much ‘The Magic Numbers’, as singing by numbers. Folk-lite guitar riffs, bouncy drum beats, cheery harmonies, sunny vocals: ‘The Magic Numbers’ seem determined on sticking to the formula that saw them catapult to the big time with their eponymous summer 2005 debut album. Obviously staunch believers in that ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ adage, ‘The Magic Numbers’ have stuck to it to the letter. Melodies, even lyrics have been recycled for ‘Take a Chance’. There doesn’t appear to be an ounce of originality in it, they might as well have re-released one of their former hits because this sounds exactly the same as anything they’ve done before. Save your money, listen to their debut on repeat instead, you won’t be missing much.

Written for: Entertainment Wise


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