LCD Soundsystem-‘North American Scum’

LCD Soundsystem isn’t actually a soundsystem at all. He’s a man. And a very talented one at that.
Not only is he is a prestigious DJ, but he’s also a co founder of DFA Records. All this in between churning out music under the guise of Grammy Award winning (oooh, get him!) LCD Soundsystem.

Talented and busy.

North American Scum-released on the 5th of March- is the lead single from their much anticipated follow up album Sound of Silver (which, fact fans, was recorded in a silver foil covered studio. Quite why is another matter).

So. North American Scum? What’s it like then?

Well it’s, er, shouty. Ok, so he’s dropping some tres impressive beats and there’s a kicking baseline, but the grating slurred vocals are a little difficult to get past.

Oh, and it’s a tad repetitive too. North American Scum alludes to the fact that-genius, this- he’s from North America (not England. He’s very keen that you should be clear on this.), the scum part? Is anyone’s guess.

Buy if you like LCD’s previous efforts. Or, you know, North America. Otherwise, this is thoroughly underwhelming.

Written for Entertainment Wise


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