The Aliens-‘Setting Sun’

Question: What do you get if you cross the feel good vibe of 60s hippy pop, the kooky electronica of David Bowie circa the early 80s, and the gruff melancholy of 90s indie?

Answer: The Aliens (comprising Gordon Anderson, John MacLean, and Robin Jones)

Their new single ‘Setting Sun’-lifted from their forthcoming debut release ‘Astronomy for Dogs’ (more kookiness!)- is a miasma of melodies, a melting pot of sounds, colours and influences.

It’s ‘busy’ and bustling, brimming with perky poppiness, yet tempered with growling indie vocals. This dichotomy of sounds makes for truly (not to mention surreal) listening. Throw into the mix a fade out chant of ‘We are the aliens’ to the tune of what sounds uncannily like Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’, et voilà, you have one of the most innovative and daring tracks of recent years.

Prepare for invasion: The Aliens have truly landed. And they’ve brought some damn good sounds with them.

Written for Entertainment Wise


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