Madness Feat.Sway-‘Sorry’


Time to dig your baggy trousers out of the back of the wardrobe folks! Madness, the British saviour of 80s Ska, are back! Oh yes.

If you’ve been going mad (geddit?) as a result of their absence from the musical landscape, then you’re in for a treat.

They. Are. Back. Oh yes.

They’ve made some friends too evidently. New single ‘Sorry’-released on the 5th of March- features not one, but two guest vocals: Hip Hop master Sway (who’s a mercury award winner, no less) and newbie rapper Baby Blue, who brings a ‘woman’s touch’ to the procedings.

‘Sorry’ is already huge-notching up nearly 100,000 plays on Madness’ website- so its success upon rlease is pretty much a given.

It’s an infectious blend of Madness’ trademark iconic Cockney ska sound and Sway’s urban, up to the minute Lahndahn hip hop vibe, all mixed in with Baby Blue’s lite MC-ing.

It’s a chirpy, humourous little number that solidly reaffirms Madness’ status as the premier British Ska act on the block.

Written for  Entertainment Wise


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